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About me

Yoga has been a part of my life since 1998, when I was first drawn to it, to help me cope with a stressful job and a particularly turbulent time in my life.  My love of yoga grew as I started to notice the effects of feeling calmer, more centred, better able to cope, stronger, focussed and connected.  These effects, along with some truly inspiring teachers, made me want to learn more.

Coming from a nursing background, I have an understanding of anatomy and physiology.  This, coupled with a knowledge of classical yoga, has enabled me  to create a very individual teaching style.  I work hard to continuously increase my understanding of yoga in order to improve myself as a teacher and be able to offer more to my students.

Yoga Philosophy

I am a fully qualified yoga teacher having completed the Yoga Alliance 200 teacher training course and holding the BWY Teaching Diploma. I have also studied meditation with Swami Sarananda and have completed advanced teacher training to teach meditation.


I have completed Yoga Philosophy course with Oxford University college of Hindu studies. I have advanced teacher training, with teenyoga to teach young people. In addition to this I have attended a variety of courses at the Sivananda Vedanta Centre in London covering both Asanas and Philosophy.  I hold an up to date first aid certificate and have an enhanced CRB certificate.

 I started 121 Yoga Sessions with Laura as I was finishing treatment for breast cancer.  A year of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy had left me physically and emotionally exhausted.  Both my doctors and friends encouraged me to try yoga, but I have to confess, as I knew so little about it, I was initially sceptical. How very wrong I was.


Laura is, quite simply, amazing.  Her kindness, professionalism, knowledge and empathy create a supremely safe space to practise, explore and enjoy yoga  No embarrassment or feeling stupid here.  Her innate ability to gauge your well-being and mood on any given day means she can tailor sessions precisely in real time as it were, so you never feel pushed or stressed.  Over time, I was delighted with my increased flexibility and well-being, but more importantly, the calm in my head after Laura taught me basic meditation and how to breathe properly. Using Laura’s excellent support materials meant I could continue to practise on my own at home and always felt safe.


If you have ever wanted to practise yoga, but too afraid to try, I cannot recommend Laura more highly. 

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