"Laura's classes are perfect for complete beginers and also those with more experience.  The atmosphere is very relaxed, warm, friendly and traditional.  The physical and emotional afterglow, even after my first class, means Thursday night yoga is the first thing in the diary each week.  Loving it" - Joe 

"Laura has a soft relaxing voice with a sense of humour!  She works on one part of the body to everyone's ability and finishes with relaxation.  The classes are really enjoyable but are never long enough! - Gilly

" I started doing a yoga class with Laura in the summer of this year and I have to say it is the best class I have been to.  It's the one class a week that I ensure no matter what is happening in my life I do not miss, in fact if Laura could do a class every day I would be there!  I have been suffering with high blood pressure and pre-menopausal symptoms and since doing my yoga class, I have benefitted physically and and mentally.  I cannot recommend Laura and her yoga enough, in fact I think her classes should be on prescription and I have asked my local club if we can have more classes with Laura.  I am looking forward to trying one of the courses that Laura hosts in the new year"

- Antonia

"I suffered back problems which began in pregnancy and continued on afterwards.  Having never tried yoga before I did not know what to expext on booking a one to one class with Laura.  She had planned out a session focusing on strengthening my back and improving my posture, it lasted for about two hours.  I was surprised by how easy to follow each movement and position was, Laura was encouraging and knowledgeable.  The whole session left me feeling much better than I expected , I felt relaxed and more aware of my posture and movement.  The diagrams and explanations provided have meant I feel able to  keep up my practice following the session.  My meditation techniques are partiularly helpful as well and I have even passed them on to my three year old daughter too!" - Alice 

"I have been attending Laura's yoga classesnfor around 9 months now.  I really did find yoga a challenge and far beyond my comfort level to begin with.  Laura's approach is friendly and she makes her classes fun and inclusive.  So, that is why I keep going back.  I feel my posture has improved and yoga complements gym nicely.  After yoga I always have the best nights sleep of the week, yet I leave the class feeling energised". - John 

"Laura brings structure, warmth and a rare sense of humour to her yoga teaching.  She always come prepared with a lesson plan that targets specific parts of the body and mind, giving her students a better understanding of the how and why behind the practice of yoga". - Shirley

"The only time I really get to switch my mind off from my busy life is during Laura's yoga classes.  She amkes all the sessions accesible, so whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, you will feel included and able to push yourself as far as you feel you can with no pressure or judgement.  I always have the best nights sleep of the week after attending a yoga class with Laura.  Her enthusiasm and humour come across in her teaching which make me feel relaxed and comfortable" - Lucy

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