Guided Meditation 1

Deeply relax in the comfort of your own home with this soothing guided meditation.

In order to gain the maximum benefits from these recordings, find yourself a quiet space where you will not be disturbed.


Make sure you are warm enough and switch off your phone.   Both recordings are suitable for use at the end of your Asana Practice or simply for times when you need to relax the body and mind.  Please do not use whilst driving.


Both tracks can be listened to from a comfortable seated position or from a lying position.  Ensure your body is comfortable and can remain in your chosen position without moving for the duration of the track.


Maintain a relaxed concentration, when you notice your mind has wandered gently bring it back to the recording.


     Track 1 – Quick relax - 10 minutes  ( a guided relaxation to release tension from the whole body)


     Track 2 – Guided meditation – release & freedom – 30 minutes  ( a longer guided meditation using visualisations)


These recording is intended for individual use only, and tt is respectfully asked that the contents not be copied for others.


Follow the link below to download your copy.

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